Nogi Shrine [Tokyo]

【Nogi Shrine summary】

Nogijinja (Nogi Shrine) was founded in 1923. The main deities are Kisunori Nogi and Shizuko Nogi. Kisuke Nogi was a military man of the Meiji era and Shizuko was his wife. The shrine is located next to the residence where Mr. and Mrs. Nogi committed suicide on the day of the Emperor Meiji’s funeral. When Mr. and Mrs. Nogi committed suicide, the public, moved by their loyalty, visited the Nogi residence one after another, and the hill near the Nogi residence was renamed from Ghost Hill to Nogizaka at the same time as the couple’s funeral. In 1913, Yoshiro Sakatani, then mayor of Tokyo, took the lead in establishing the Central Nogizaka Society, which enshrined the spirits of Mr. and Mrs. Nogi in a small shrine in the Nogi residence. The shrine was rebuilt in 1962 thanks to the generosity of worshippers from all over Japan.

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The Ichino Torii is located immediately after Nogizaka Station.

【Nogi Shrine premises】

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A shrine located in Nogizaka, one of the most prestigious areas in Tokyo. The water closet looks somewhat stylish…

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When we passed through the second torii gate, it was comparatively crowded with many young people. I wondered if Nogitaisho was popular. I was surprised to hear that it has become a sacred place for Nogizaka46. I don’t think Nogi Taisho thought it would turn out that way, but he may be happy that the world has become more peaceful.

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The wedding ceremony, which is performed under the watchful eye of the deities enshrined in the shrine, is popular as a “Yorosohi-nuptials”. It is said to be No. 1 in Minna no Wedding’s list of shrine weddings in Tokyo.

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The path connecting the hall of worship and the pavilion has a nice atmosphere.

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I was able to see the wedding on the day I visited with good timing. I wish you many years of happiness! After all, a kimono wedding is great.

【Nogi Shrine premises – Akasaka Oji Inari Shrine】

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Akasaka Oji Inari Shrine is located near the second torii gate. The shrine was founded in 1962 as a tribute to Oji Inari Shrine, which was revered by Mr. and Mrs. Nogi.

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The approach to the shrine is short, but it is lined with torii gates, which are unique to Inari shrines, and the red color is very vivid to the eye.

【Nogi Shrine premises – Shomatsu Shrine】

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The approach to the shrine is on the right side of the main hall of Nogi Shrine, and directly ahead is the Seisho Jinja (Shrine of Shoatsu). This shrine is a branch of Shoin Shrine and is dedicated to Tamaki Fuminoshin, the founder of Shoukasonjuku, and Yoshida Shouin, the successor of Shoukasonjuku.

【Former Nogi Residence】

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In a corner of the temple grounds, the residence where he spent his last days is preserved. He designed it himself, referring to the headquarters of a French regiment he saw while studying in Germany.

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General Nogi saw a young boy in Kanazawa who was supporting his family’s livelihood as a Tsuji fortune teller, and gave him 2 yen in gold (about 40,000 yen today), which was quite a large sum of money in those days. The story goes that the boy worked hard and later made a name for himself in the world of gold leaf processing. The residence and surrounding land were donated to the City of Tokyo as a park in accordance with General Nogi’s will.

【Nearby attractions】

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the shrine’s establishment, and the “Emperor Meiji and General Nogi” exhibition is being held at a museum in the nearby Meiji Jingu Shrine.


Manager’s Comments

The grounds are not that large, but the atmosphere is calm and peaceful in the city. It has the atmosphere of a nature worshiping shrine, which explains why it is so popular for weddings. There is also a treasure hall displaying items related to General Nogi, and the former Nogi residence next to the Inari Shrine and the Shomatsu Shrine, giving a sense of history and a wonderful, atmospheric shrine. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, weddings are held, so those who want to see a Japanese-style wedding may have a chance.

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Nogi Shrine

11-27, Akasaka 8-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

※No parking is available.

1 minute walk from Exit 1 of “Nogizaka” station on Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

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