Meiji Jingu Shrine [Tokyo]


Meiji Jingu Shrine was built in 1868 to honor the repose of the souls of Emperor Meiji, the first emperor of the Meiji Era, and his wife, Empress Dowager Shoken (later Empress Meiji). Emperor Meiji promoted the modernization of Japan through the Meiji Restoration, and the shrine was built to honor his achievements.

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Every year, the number of visitors to the shrine for Hatsumode is the largest in Japan. The shrine covers an area of 700,000 square meters, and it takes about 10 minutes from the Otorii (Grand Gate) at the entrance to the shrine. It is so full of nature that you may forget you are in the center of the city, and is famous as a power spot in Tokyo.

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The buildings of Meiji Jingu are constructed in the traditional Japanese architectural style known as Shinmei-zukuri. The main buildings include the main hall in the center and the worship hall and shrine gates that surround it. The buildings are mainly made of wood and feature beautiful roofs and carvings.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine is located on a vast site and surrounded by a rich natural environment. The shrine is surrounded by approximately 70 hectares of forest, providing tranquility and natural healing in the heart of Tokyo. The approach to the shrine and its grounds are planted with beautiful seasonal plants and trees, providing a comfortable space for visitors.

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【letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal】

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Meiji Jingu shrine red seal: 500 yen (2023)


Manager’s Comments

Although located in the city, the vast grounds are full of nature. Although there are many foreign tourists, no one was noisy due to the sacred atmosphere.

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Meiji Shrine

1-1 Yoyogi-Kamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan

※Parking lot for worshippers available

Harajuku Exit 1 min. walk from “Harajuku” station of JR Yamanote line.

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