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Yaotomi Shrine, also known as Takejima Benten, is located on the central peak of Takejima. The shrine is located on the central peak of Takejima and enshrines Benzaiten (Princess Ichikishimahime no Mikoto), who was invited from Chikubujima in Eshu, for blessings such as good luck and matchmaking. It is a mysterious shrine with trees growing on a rocky outcrop.

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The entire Takeshima area is designated as a national natural monument, and the entire island is within the precincts of Yaotomi Shrine, which is one of the Seven Benten Temples of Japan, along with Enoshima, Chikubushima, and Itsukushima.


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You can walk across to Takeshima on the 387-meter-long Takeshima Bridge. When crossing the bridge, it is best to hold hands and cross without looking back. After crossing the long bridge, you will see a large torii gate at the entrance to the island, which is designated as a national natural monument, “Takeshima.

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After climbing 101 more steps, there is a shrine. Because the stairs are not easy, there are many people until you cross the bridge, but I had the impression that only a few people climbed up the stairs to the shrine. If you have come this far, you should do your best to visit the shrine.

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Five “Yaotomi Shrine,” “Ugajin Shrine,” “Daikoku Shrine,” “Chitose Shrine,” and “Eight Great Dragon Personnel” are enshrined on the premises.

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After visiting the shrine, you should not turn back but visit the eight great dragon king shrines located behind the Yaotomi Shrine and go on.


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As you continue along the Eight Great Dragon Kings, you will come to a bench overlooking the ocean, which offers a wonderful view when the weather is nice. Instead of turning around the way you came, go down the opposite way and walk back along the boardwalk to enjoy the view even more.


Manager’s comment.

It was like Enoshima, a distinctive shrine with a unique location and character. I am sure the sunset was wonderful. I would definitely like to visit the shrine in the evening. However, there are no stores for tourists, so be careful if you are expecting that.

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Yaotomi Shrine

3-15 Takeshimacho, Gamagori, Aichi 443-0031, Japan

※Municipal parking is available and free on weekdays.

5 minutes by bus from JR Gamagori Station

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