Oji Inari Shrine and Meishu no Taki Park [Tokyo]

【Oji Inari Shrine summary】

Oji Inari Shrine is a famous Inari shrine that appears in the rakugo story “Oji no Kitsune” (The Fox of Oji). Legend has it that every year on New Year’s Eve, the foxes of Kanpachishu prepare their costumes and gather at Oji Inari. At the end of the year, the local people hold the “Oji Fox Procession,” which has become a new tradition. The shrine was founded before the Heian period (794-1185) and was given the title of “Kanto Inari Soji” by Minamoto no Yoriyoshi during the Kouhei period (1058-1065), and has a long history of being a place of prayer for the Tokugawa shoguns.

The deities are Uganomitama, Ukemochi, and Waku-musubi no kami.

【Oji Inari Shrine Precincts 】

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To visit the shrine, you can go up the stone steps by the kindergarten or up the hill of Oji Inari in front of it. There is a magnificent gate at the entrance, and instead of a torii gate, there is a tiled wooden gate and a kindergarten within the grounds, which is very unusual.

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The worship hall and Kaguraden, built in the traditional style, are located at the end of the stone steps, and several subordinate and auxiliary shrines are enshrined on the slope at the back right of the worship hall, indicating that Oji Inari Shrine is a shrine of high rank.

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Although the precincts of the shrine are not large, the gorgeous Hachimono-zukuri shrine pavilion is beautifully and wonderfully carved. The way the bell band is tied is unusual and interesting. After passing through the red torii gate in the back and proceeding to the right, you will see three Inari shrines and a stone for praying. Further up the stairs, a fox hole is enshrined.

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This is where many foxes used to live in this area, and this is the stage for the rakugo story “Oji no Kitsune” (The Fox of the Prince). It had a unique atmosphere.

Meishu no Taki Park

About a minute’s walk from Oji Inari Shrine is Nashu no Taki Park.

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Meishu no Taki Park seems to have originated when the Hatano family, the feudal lords of Oji Village, opened a waterfall in their mansion, cultivated tea, and made it available to the public as a summer retreat. Today, the park is a ward park. The park has a waterfall, azumaya, cherry blossoms, maple trees, and bird watching parties, and visitors can enjoy nature in all four seasons.

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There are a few areas that seem slightly unmaintained and few people. If the park were better maintained, I am sure it would be more attractive. It is a man-made waterfall, but it is powerful and a sight to see.

【Oji Inari Shrine GOSHUIN】

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【Oji Inari Shrine Nearby attractions】

Asukayama Park, Paper Museum, Asukayama Museum, Shibusawa Museum, Old Shibusawa Garden, Asuka no Koji, Oji Shrine

【Oji Inari Shrine Access】

Manager’s Comments

The shrine is also the headquarters of 33 provinces in the eastern part of Japan, but it is thought that the kindergarten and the public junior high school behind the shrine used to be within the precincts of Oji Inari Shrine, which is also the fate of a shrine in a large city. Due to the fact that a kindergarten is attached to the shrine, it is partially closed on weekdays, so visitors are advised to enter the shrine from Inari-zaka.

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Oji Inari Shrine

1-12-26 Kishimachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 114-0021, Japan

※Parking lot for worshippers available (please be careful not to drive into the precincts on weekdays due to the presence of a kindergarten).

About a 10-minute walk from JR Oji Station.

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