Shinobazunoike Benteng-do [Tokyo]


Shinobazunoike Pond Benten Hall was built by the priest Tenkai, who founded Kan’eiji Temple, following the example of Enryaku-ji Temple on Mount Hiei. He built a hall that resembled Shinobazunoike Pond, which was a natural pond, as Lake Biwa, and a small island on which the original holy shrine was enshrined as Chikubu Island in Lake Biwa, and by building a large island, he constructed a hall that resembled Chikubu Island “Hogonji Temple”. However, it was burned down in an air raid during the Pacific War, and the current hall was rebuilt with reinforced concrete in 1958. The main deity (8-armed Great Benzaiten) is believed to protect longevity and the performing arts, and is also written as “pigezaiten,” which is said to bring good fortune in the form of increased money.

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The lotus pond surrounding the Benten-do, the food stalls along the approach, the main hall with its distinctive octagonal roof, and the many lanterns are a true symbol of the beauty of Japan. The food stalls are always open, creating an atmosphere of a fair. Many monuments and memorial towers are dedicated to the temple, which makes you feel that the temple is a part of the daily life of ordinary people.

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In spring, when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, the area is crowded with many stalls. It is also famous for lotus blossoms, so if you visit early in the summer, you can enjoy them as well. The pond is usually reflected when photographed from the promenade that circles it, so why not take a stroll after visiting the temple?


In front of the hall is a statue of Ugajin (Ugajin). This statue has been enshrined at this location since around 2018. The god has been worshipped in Japan since the Middle Ages and is often identified with Benzaiten, the god of happiness, profit, wisdom, and wealth. It is also another name for the white snake or Uka-no-mitama.

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Next to Benten Hall is Shinobazunoike Daikokuten Hall. This hall enshrines a statue of Daikokuten, which was cherished by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Daikokuten is known as the god of bestowing good fortune and inviting good luck, and is believed to bring prosperity and wealth to the family.

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【Nearby attractions】

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Manager’s comment.

Ueno Park has many historical buildings such as the Ueno Toshogu Shrine, in addition to the zoo and museums, so I thought it would be a good place for first-time visitors to Tokyo.

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Shinobazunoike Benteng-do

2-1 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0007, Japan

*There is no parking.

About 10 minutes walk from Ueno Station

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