Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

【Ushiku Great Buddha summary】

Ushiku Great Buddha is the world’s largest statue of Buddha certified by Guinness World Records. Specifically, it is a standing bronze statue of the Great Buddha, 120 meters tall, with a statue height of 100 meters and a pedestal height of 20 meters, making it the sixth tallest standing statue in the world. It is the world’s largest bronze standing statue. It was built by Higashi Honganji Temple, the head temple of the Higashi Honganji sect of Shinshu Jodo. The park is located in the Jodo Garden with a small animal park and flower garden, and is combined with the park cemetery “Ushiku Jyoen,” which is basically a theme park with the landmark of the Great Buddha as its centerpiece. The admission fee is 500 yen for the garden only, and 800 yen including a visit inside the Great Buddha.

DSC 1203 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

It is difficult to convey the size of the tree in the photo, but as you gradually get closer to it, you will begin to understand its size.

image 6 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

It is so large and impressive that the Great Buddha of Nara fits in your palm.

src 10211192 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

I found a comparison image created by a volunteer, so I borrowed it. The Gundam looks smaller.

【Ushiku Great Buddha internal】

The entrance is on the back side of the Big Buddha, and visitors can take off their shoes to enter. Inside, an elevator takes visitors up to the chest, 85 meters above the ground.

DSC 1215 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

The chest of the Big Buddha is an observatory, and although visibility is limited, when the air is clear in winter, Mt.

DSC 1216 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

There is also an exhibition of records of the process of making the Great Buddha, a facility inside where visitors can experience sutra copying, a souvenir shop, and the sale of good luck charms.

【Ushiku Great Buddha gregarious sea】

DSC 1241 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

The word “gregarious ” refers to all living things, and this pond represents the present world itself, a pond that represents the source of life. Flowers of the four seasons are planted around the pond, and the lawn cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring.

DSC 1251 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

The cherry blossoms are especially wonderful in the springtime, and in 2024 they were in full bloom in mid-April because they were late bloomers.

【Ushiku Great Buddha Hongan Sozon Garden】

DSC 1237 2 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

It is said to be a traditional Pure Land style garden based on “Sansui-Hiden-sho,” a garden design document from the Kamakura period that has been handed down in Higashi Honganji Temple for a long time. You can feed carp. You can buy a bag of food for 100 yen at a nearby unattended shop.

DSC 1229 1024x768 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

The Daibutsu-sama from the garden is also wonderful and picturesque from any angle. I think the garden is well thought out, as the view of the Great Buddha changes according to the four seasons in Japan.

【Ushiku Great Buddha GOSHUIN】

2024 04 18 21 57 Office Lens 1024x703 - Ushiku Great Buddha(Ushiku Daibutsu) [Ibaraki]

Special limited edition GOSHUIN (facing type) 700 yen per sheet. Available only at the awarding office on the second floor of the Daibutsu.

【Ushiku Great Buddha Access】

Manager’s Comments

It is difficult to convey the huge size of the Great Buddha in a picture. The absence of any comparable structures in the surrounding area makes its majesty stand out. As a tourist attraction, it is also entertaining and enjoyable. There are food stalls and a nakamise, so it is a good place to enjoy food and souvenirs.

my opinion

Ushiku Great Buddha

2083 Kuno-cho, Ushiku, Ibaraki 300-1288

※Free parking available

Approximately 15 minutes by cab from the east exit of “Ushiku Station” or “Arakawaoki Station” on the JR Joban Line

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