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Ashikaga Orihime Shrine (Ashikaga Orihime Shrine) is a shrine built in 1705 (Meiji 12) for the prosperity of the textile industry located in Ashikaga City. Ashikaga has a history of more than 1,200 years as a weaving center, and Tadatoshi Toda, the lord of the Ashikaga Clan, had the shrine dedicated to two weavers, Amenomihokonomikoto and Amenoyachichihime-nomikoto, both from Kanhatohatado-jinja, a shrine directly under Ise Shrine that weaved silk garments for the goddess Amaterasu. The two were enshrined at the Yakumo Shrine in Dori 4-chome, Ashikaga City. Later, in 1879, Orihime Shrine was relocated to the middle of Mount Kigamiyama (present-day Mount Orihime).

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The shrine is a “god of marriage” because weaving is dedicated to two gods, a man and a woman, who bind threads together. The shrine is relatively new and is located halfway up Mount Orihime with a good view of the city. The shrine is blessed with a good view of the city, the Watarase River, and Mount Asama on the other side of the river.


It is perched on a hillside at the end of 229 stone steps on the approach to the shrine, so there is a good view of the Watarase River flowing nearby and Ashikaga City. After climbing these steps, you will reach the high ground where the main shrine is located.

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The torii gate, staircase railings, and handbasin, as well as the pedestrian bridge in front of the shrine and the Lover’s Sanctuary, are all brightly colored vermilion and eye-catching, making it worthwhile just to see them. It is said that if a man and a woman climb the stairs of the men’s hill, which is not the women’s hill (the hill with seven colored torii gates), their wishes will come true if they climb the stairs together.

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The shrine has been selected as one of Japan’s Night View Heritage sites, and when it is illuminated, a beautiful night view can be enjoyed. It was beautiful in the daytime, but I would like to visit again if I have a chance, since the shrine seems to be illuminated at night.

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The shrine’s wide open space and the use of vermilion in the shrine pavilions and balustrades give the shrine grounds a warm and festive atmosphere. The bell of love, which is said to bring happiness if two people ring it together, is a popular power spot for women in particular.

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The seven-colored torii gate was erected in 2018 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the shrine’s relocation to the new location, which is said to be the god of all industries and to promote industry by connecting seven relationships, since many looms and machines used to make textiles are made of iron. The colorful seven-colored torii gates are a rare sight at the shrine.

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【letter bearing the shogun’s scarlet seal】

Limited red seal (calligraphy left): 500 yen Red seal: 300 yen (2023)

【Nearby attractions】

Ashikaga Flower Park


Manager’s comment.

Local elementary school students and others volunteered to clean up the shrine, which is loved by the locals. If you stop by Ashikaga Flower Park, why not visit this shrine as well?

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Ashikaga Orihime Shrine

3889 Nishinomiya-cho, Ashikaga-shi, Tochigi 326-0817

Free parking available

About 25 minutes walk from Ashikaga-shi Station, Tobu Isezaki Line

About 25 minutes walk from Ashikaga Station on Ryomo Line

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