Himeji Shrine [Hyogo]

【Himeji Shrine summary】

Himeji Shrine was founded in 1879 by the Sakai family, the former lords of the Himeji domain, and is one of the shrines dedicated to the domain’s ancestors and is located as a shrine for the protection of Himeji Castle. The shrine is located in Himeyama Park, where Himeji Castle is located, and is said to face the direction of Gon, the “demon’s gate” from the castle tower. The main deity, Sakai Masachika, was a military commander from the late Muromachi to the Sengoku period who was one of the lords of the Himeji domain.

【Himeji Shrine precincts】

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The shrine pavilion is small but has a stately shape. The precincts of the shrine are neatly maintained and cleaned, and there is a water pot that was used by Hideyoshi Taikoo, the father of the Imperial adviser to the Emperor. Surrounded by trees, it was a serene place where one could almost forget that one was in a castle. Himeji Shrine is located in the northeast corner of the castle between the outer and inner moats, so you can enjoy a visit to the Himeji Gokoku Shrine in the southeast corner of the castle and Himeji Castle at the same time.

【Himeji Shrine Access】

Manager’s Comments

We visited the shrine after Himeji Castle, which was full of tourists. The peaceful atmosphere of the shrine made me feel at home. It is a shrine I would like to stop by after visiting Himeji Castle.

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Himeji Shrine

83 Honmachi, Himeji City, Hyogo 670-0012, Japan

※There is no parking.

Take Shinki Bus from North Exit of Himeji Station, get off at Otemon-mae bus stop, 5 min. walk.

20 min. walk from JR Himeji Station or Sanyo Himeji Station.

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