Tsubaki ohkamiyashira Shrine [Mie]


Tsubaki-ohkami-yashira, known to all as “Tsubaki-san”, is the oldest shrine in Japan with a history of 2,000 years, and is located at the foot of the central mountain range of the Suzuka Mountains in Ise Province. It is believed to be the head shrine of the Sarutahiko Ookami enshrined throughout the country. The shrine enshrines Sarutahiko no Mikoto, Amazonsoninokine no Mikoto, Kurasaki Senju no Mikoto, Kihanasakuyahime no Mikoto, Amanohadenome no Mikoto, Gyomandai Myojin, and 32 other deities enshrined in combination.

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It is said that Sarutahiko no Mikoto is the great god of path-finding and that he led Ninigi no Mikoto, who was commanded by Amaterasu no Mikami to Takachiho during the descent of the grandchild of Amaterasu in Japanese mythology.


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Enveloped by a forest with huge historic trees, I felt myself being purified just by taking a walk. The approach to the temple was just the right length, and the atmosphere was solemn and prestigious.

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The main shrine is built of cypress in the Shinmei-zukuri style. It is revered as the ancestral god of the arts, the god of repose, the god of conjugal bliss, and the god of marriage.

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Just east of the main shrine of Tsubakitaisya is Tsubakikishi Shrine, another branch of Tsubakitaisya Shrine. This shrine is dedicated to the wife of Sarutahiko no Mikami, Amano-no-Hatsume-no-Mikoto, and is known as the god of the arts. Nearby is a power spot called Kanae Waterfall.

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Kanae Falls flows from “Kinryu Myojin no Taki” (Waterfall of the Golden Dragon Myojin). The original waterfall is located behind the Kanae Falls and was created to make it easier to visit and pray. This water is considered to be sacred water, pure and soft, and has long been regarded as medicinal water that cures all illnesses. It is said that if you use “Kanae Falls” as your cell phone’s standby screen, your luck in love will increase.

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The tea ceremony room (three rooms: a small room, a large room, and a standing room) was donated by Konosuke Matsushita, a great admirer of the Japanese spirit, along with the garden to pray for the development of the tea ceremony. The name Suzusho-an was taken from “Suzu” of Suzuka and “Matsu” of Konosuke Matsushita. Here, you will be served authentic matcha (powdered green tea). You can take the plates home with you, and many people collect small plates of just the right size.


Manager’s comment.

It is a very quiet and beautiful shrine. I felt as if a kind God was watching over me. I was honored to be able to visit the sacred tree and the wonderfully clean air.

my opinion

Tsubaki Grand Shrine

1871 Yamamoto-cho, Suzuka-shi, Mie 519-0315

※Free parking is available.

JR Yokkaichi Station, take Mie Kotsu Bus bound for Tsubakidaijinja, approx. 60 min.

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