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Akagi Shrine is a shrine originating from the mountain worship of Mt. Akagi, which rises in the northwestern part of the Kanto Plain (Gunma Prefecture). Akagi. There are approximately 300 shrines throughout Japan, including this one, and the head shrine is located on Mt. Akagi Shrine in Waseda about 700 years ago, and then it was moved to Ushigome by Ota Dokan, and Shigeyuki Kosuke from Ogo, Gunma Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. The deity is Iwatsuzunomikoto (Iwatsutsuonomikoto. The deity is also known as the god of learning and the arts, and especially the god of fire prevention.) Designed by Kengo Kuma, known as the designer of the New National Stadium and Takanawa Gateway Station, the building was completed in 2010.

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After proceeding through the beautiful precincts of the temple, you will see a modernly constructed worship hall.

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There is also a café and a ceremony hall on the premises, making it a multi-purpose shrine.

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The shrine was a two-story concrete building with a glass-walled hall of worship, as is typical in Tokyo. This was the first time I saw a shrine and an apartment building integrated into one.

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The unique design of the komainu (guardian dogs), which are a common sight at shrines, looks like an Egyptian sphinx and is quite charming, but it is said that this style was called “Kaga Hakusan Inu” which was popular in the Edo period (1603-1868). The shrine office and café are located on the right side of the hall of worship, and although the shrine does not have any historical dignity, it has an atmosphere that anyone can visit it because there is no high threshold.

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Manager’s Comments

Although the shrine is compact, QR codes are placed here and there in the precincts of the shrine, which can be read with a smartphone for detailed explanations, making it possible to visit the shrine while carefully reading the explanations. The shrine is a modern structure, including the precincts and the shrine pavilions, which is the fate of urban shrines. Now that I know about Akagi Shrine in Gunma Prefecture here, I would definitely like to visit the head shrine.

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Akagi Shrine

1-10 Akagi-Motomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0817, Japan

※No parking is available.

About 1 minute walk from Kagurazaka Station on the Tozai Line

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