Ooasahiko Shrine [Tokushima]

【Ooasahiko Shrine summary】

Ooasahiko Shrine is the largest shrine in Tokushima Prefecture. It has been enshrined on Mount Omashiyama since ancient times, and was later enshrined together. According to shrine legend, in the reign of Emperor Jinmu, Amatomi-no-mikoto, grandson of Amatotama-no-mikoto, led the ancestors of the Awa Imobe clan to move to Awa province, where he sowed hemp and paper mulberry seeds and cultivated the land, producing hemp and cotton, thereby laying the foundation for the development of industry, national prosperity, and civil welfare. The main deity is Ama-no-Hitowashi-no-mikoto. The main deity is Omahiko, son of Ama-no-Hiwashi no Mikoto, the founder of the Awa Imobe clan. The deities enshrined at the shrine are Sarutahiko, the founder of the Awa Imobe clan, and Sarutahiko Ookami.

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【Ooasahiko Shrine sacred tree (camphor laurel)】

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When you pass through the torii gate and go up the first flight of stairs, you will see a huge tree sitting on the ground, looking majestic as if it has been watching over the shrine from a long time ago. The size of the tree is breathtaking: it is said to be over 1,000 years old, 8.3 meters in diameter, and 22 meters high. The shrine’s long history can be felt. There are also a number of small shrines and regent shrines within the precincts of the shrine, and the Okumiyama Shrine is located at the far end of the shrine.

【Ooasahiko Shrine scenery】

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It was a very dignified, dignified and nice shrine, not a fancy decorative type. Both the hall of worship and the main shrine are beautiful and shining. The back of the main shrine is also beautifully maintained, and you can go around in a circle, so you can worship again from the spot directly behind the main shrine closest to the main deities.

【Ooasahiko Shrine Access】

Manager’s Comments

It is a large and splendid shrine in Tokushima, but it is not a tourist attraction, so it is best to visit with an understanding of what you are getting into. It is a very nice shrine where you can feel the strong connection between the people and the shrine parishioners.

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Ooasahiko Shrine

13 Itahigashi Hirotsuka, Oama-cho, Naruto, Tokushima 779-0230, Japan

※Free parking available

Approximately 10 minutes by bus from Bando Station

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