Toyoke Grand Shrine (Outer Shrine of Ise Jingu) [Mie]


Toyoke Grand Shrine is a shrine that enshrines Toyoke no Mikami, the deity responsible for Amaterasu’s diet, and is the outer shrine of Ise Jingu Shrine. It is also revered as a guardian deity of food, clothing, shelter, and industry. The Inner Shrine has a history of about 2,000 years, while the Outer Shrine has a history of about 1,500 years, and was built after the construction of the Inner Shrine. It is recommended to visit the Outer Shrine first before going to the Inner Shrine.


Crossing the sunken bridge on the Omotesando Avenue, the Tezumisha is on the right, and when you turn to the left of the Tezumisha, a beautiful nobutai appears immediately in front of you.

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The stage floating on the kagatama pond, the morning sun and the modern building of Sengukan, everything is in harmony and it is a beautiful space everywhere you look. I would like to see Kagura one day. As you continue on, you will see a “small shrine” standing lonely in the spacious gravel lot.

DSC 0386 1024x768 - Toyoke Grand Shrine (Outer Shrine of Ise Jingu) [Mie]

The location of this shrine is where the former main shrine “Goshoden” used to be.

Every 20 years, the Ise Jingu rebuilds all the shrines in the shrine area. In other words, all of them are newly built. Usually, a new building is constructed by laying the foundation from a vacant lot. In Ise Jingu, however, new construction does not involve tearing down the building (shrine pavilion), clearing the land, and then building a new building. Therefore, the new shrine pavilions are built on the “neighboring land” while maintaining the current shrine pavilions. It is astonishing that the shrine is rebuilt every 20 years!

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The present shrine pavilions are located on the adjoining land, a unique place in the world with a history of 1,500 years, yet they are not ruins but still alive as they were at that time. The shrine pavilions, which are rebuilt every 20 years according to the Shikinen Sengu ceremony, are built in the same style each time, without any creative ideas by craftsmen, and the various festivals have continued unchanged for 1,500 years.

【Toyoke Grand Shrine (Outer Shrine of Ise Jingu) GOSHUIN】

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Manager’s Comments

People come from all over Japan to visit the shrine, so it is recommended to go at a time when it is not crowded. If you are going around from the Outer Shrine to the Inner Shrine, it is best to visit the shrine just before the sun rises.

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Toyoke Grand Shrine (Outer shrine of Ise Jingu)

279 Toyokawa-cho, Ise-shi, Mie 516-0042

※Free parking available

About 10 minutes walk from JR Ise-shi Station

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