Iwakisan Shrine [Aomori]


Iwakisan Shrine is located in Hirosaki City, Aomori Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. The shrine was founded in 1283 and was rebuilt by Tsugaru Tamenobu. Iwaki is one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, standing 1,625 meters above sea level, and is a symbol of the Tsugaru Peninsula, especially Hirosaki City. Iwakisan Shrine is known as the head temple of the Iwakisan faith and attracts many devotees.

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Iwakisan-Ookami has resided at Iwaki-Mine, the spirit of the mountain, since ancient times, and the shrine was built at the top of the mountain about 1,200 years ago in 780.


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The long stone pavement stretching in a straight line from the Otorii gate to the tower gate is magnificent. The approach to the shrine, which continues straight all the way to the hall of worship and Mt.

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Both sides are filled with greenery, and the large trees lining the path further enhance the atmosphere of the approach.


The precincts of the shrine include the main hall, which is designated as a National Important Cultural Property, a regent shrine, and the shrine office. The main shrine was built in 1602, and was renovated three times during the Edo period.

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The shrine pavilions are colorfully carved and gorgeous, as if they were called Oku-Nikko.

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In addition, Empress Jingu and Sugawara Michizane are enshrined in the regent shrines. The shrine office displays materials related to the Iwakisan faith, as well as sacred objects used at the Iwakisan Shrine.

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Iwakisan Shrine holds annual events such as the regular festival, spring festival, and autumn festival, which attract many people from within and outside of the prefecture.

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The spring water from the water fountain is said to be beneficial for good luck.


Access to Iwakisan Shrine is a 30-minute drive from JR Hirosaki Station. Buses are also available from Hirosaki City. Parking is available, but public transport is recommended as the shrine becomes crowded during the annual festival and autumn festivals.

Manager’s Comments

It was cold in May because it is located in Mt. However, it was very nice to see the mysterious scenery of cherry blossoms and snow at the same time. It is only accessible by car, but it is a place you should not miss when you come to Aomori.

my opinion

Iwakisan Shrine

27 Terasawa, Momosawa, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-1343

Parking lot for worshippers available.

From Hirosaki Station on the JR Ou Main Line, take the Konan Bus bound for “Dake/Kareki Parallel” (approx. 37 min.) to “Iwakisan Shrine” – a short walk

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