Niikura-Fuji Sengen Shrine [Yamanashi]


Arakura Fuji Sengen Shrine
The shrine was established in 705 as the guardian deity of Fuji Kitaguchi Township in Arakura Township, Yatsushiro County, Kai Province.
The five-story pagoda of Niikurayama Sengen Park and Mt.
Fuji and the five-story pagoda from the observatory, making it a very popular destination for overseas tourists.

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The temple grounds are famous for the Chūreitō, a memorial to the war dead, and the view from there of Mt.

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Chūreitō is a cenotaph for the war dead located halfway up Mount Arakurayama in the city of Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture. The area surrounding the monument is maintained as Niikurayama Sengen Park, which is administered by the city of Fujiyoshida.

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In mid-April, the 650 or so Someiyoshino cherry trees in the park all bloom at once, attracting many tourists from home and abroad as a place where the five-story pagoda, cherry blossoms, and Mt.


Manager’s comment.

The manners of foreign tourists were bad, and the photo spots were lawless. There are some stalls, but litter is noticeable. The temple is quite crowded during the cherry blossom season, so you should consider the time of your visit.

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Niikura-Fuji Sengen Shrine

4-1, Asama 2-chome, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi 403-0031, Japan

※Parking lot for worshippers available

Five-minute walk from Shimoyoshida Station on the Fujikyuko Line.

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