Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine and Zenigata Sunae [Kagawa]

【Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine summary】

It is said that in the 3rd year of the Taiho Era (703), a boat appeared on the shore on a night after a storm had passed, and people, enraptured by the strange sound of the koto, pulled the master of the koto up to the top of the mountain with the boat, built a temple, and enshrined him as Kotohito-hachimangu Shrine. The shrine enshrines Emperor Ojin, Empress Jingu, and Princess Tamayori no Mikoto. The shrine is known as the place where Minamoto no Yoshitsune prayed for victory in the Battle of Genpei, and even today, historical facts and sites remain, such as the prayer texts of Yoshitsune’s visit to the shrine and the dedication of sacred horses. Therefore, the shrine is said to be the god of victory and attracts many worshippers, such as students who want to win in exam wars.

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【Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine precincts】

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The Kinotorii gate is located in the middle of the stone steps leading from the foot of the temple to the main shrine. The Minamoto clan dedicated it in 1185 to pray for Yoshitsune’s successful pursuit of the Heike clan who had won the Battle of Yashima. It is now roofed and protected. It is amazing that the torii gate, which is about 800 years old, is still in existence.

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From the Otorii gate at the entrance of Kotodama Park, 381 stone steps lead up to the main shrine.

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During the period of Shintoism and Buddhism, it was the 68th temple of the 88 sacred places in Shikoku. Currently, it is the 23rd temple of the Shin-Shikoku Mandala Sacred Sites and the 14th of the Sanuki 15 shrines. The main shrine is a magnificent structure that evokes a sense of history. The bronze lantern was dedicated in 1920.

【Zenigata Sunae (Kan’ei Tsuho)】

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Zenigata Sunae is 122 meters in diameter vertically and 90 meters horizontally. In other words, its original shape is an oval. However, when viewed from the observation platform at the top of Kotodan Park, it appears to be a perfect circle. The observation deck for the Zenigata Sunae is connected to the Kotodan Hachimangu Shrine, so I thought it would be a good idea to go through here when viewing the Zenigata Sunae.

【Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine Access】

Manager’s Comments

It is not a large shrine, but it is worth it for its quaintness and the view from here. You can drive up to the top of the mountain, but not as far as Konpira-san, so it was a pleasant climb with a view.

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Kotohiki Hachimangu Shrine

1-1-1 Hachiman-cho, Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, 768-0061 Japan

※Free parking available

5 minutes by cab from JR Kannonji Station

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