Kishu Toshogu Shrine [Wakayama]


Kishu Toshogu Shrine is a national important cultural property and a component of the Japan Heritage Site “Wakanoura, a treasure house of superb scenery.” It was built in 1621 by Yorinobu Tokugawa, the tenth son of Ieyasu Tokugawa, the first lord of the Kishu domain, to worship his father Ieyasu and to pray for peace under heaven and peace among people. The deities are Tokugawa Ieyasu and Yorinobu Tokugawa, the first lord of the Kishu domain. It is called “Kansai no Nikko” (the Nikko Toshogu of the east), and although smaller than Nikko and Kunouzan Toshogu, it is as gorgeous and gorgeous as Toshogu itself.

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(If you present your paid parking ticket at the Toshogu reception desk, you will receive a free admission fee of 300 yen per person to the interior of Toshogu.)


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Passing through the torii gate, we walked along the approach to the shrine, which had a nice atmosphere with stone lanterns. I thought it was a straight line, but it turns once.

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At the end of the bend is a 108-step “samurai slope” (samuraisaka). This represents vexation, and climbing it seems to reduce vexation.

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You can choose to climb this steep staircase, known as Samurai Hill, or walk up the gentle slope, so take your time. Seven buildings, including the lacquered tower gate, the hall of worship, and the main shrine, are designated as National Important Cultural Properties.


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When you reach the top of the stone steps and turn around, a beautiful view of the sea and sky awaits you. Wakaura is a very solemn place, as it is a famous scenic spot!

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Inside the shrine office, a gorgeous impulse stand with the Tokugawa family crest and flower arrangements were a feast for the eyes.

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Karamon (Chinese gate) seems to emphasize red decoration rather than gold. (Karamon is often used at the entrances to Japanese castles, Buddhist temples, and shrines, and was historically a symbol of authority.) The main hall beyond the gate is designated as a national important cultural property and can be circled. Visitors can walk around the main hall and see beautiful carvings such as a scarlet carp, a tiger, and a dragon by Jingoro Hidari. Photography is not allowed inside, so please see for yourself.


Manager’s Comments

You can see the gorgeously decorated main shrine like Nikko Toshogu, but since it is on a smaller scale, it is recommended to visit it together with Wakayama Castle. The scenery is very beautiful, so I highly recommend visiting on a sunny day.

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Kishu Toshogu Shrine

1-20, Wakaura-nishi 2-chome, Wakayama-shi, Wakayama 641-0024, Japan

300 yen for paid parking.

Get off at JR Wakayama Station
Approx. 20 minutes by bus or cab from the west exit

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